Monday, July 21, 2008

So I woke up this morning, came to work, and realized something. After that long, tragic post, I've done nothing. And then I hung my head a little. I mean, I'll be honest, I spent the first day waiting for people to comment on what I felt deep within me was an extremely commentable post. And then, nothing.
I would like to blame my silence on Josh. I find that he is often my scapegoat, and I can almost always justify it ;). Anyway, he was off this weekend (which is great, as it means he's a much happier boy to be around). Now, you may think to yourself, "so what if he was off?" "what does that have to do with your abandonment of blogland?". Well, here's how it is... our tv doubles as our computer moniter (I swear I'll post a picture and a full explanation soon (just as soon as Josh goes back to work)). I'd like to say that we're a family that views the tv more as a giant dust magnet than as a piece of necessary furniture, but in all honesty, that's not really us. Anyway, because of Josh's working schedule, he often has a hard time getting on a "normal" day-time schedule when he's off. Also, he likes to, umm..., relax for a good chunk of his time when he's off. To do this, he'll watch tv, watch a movie, or try to convince the computer to do whatever it is that he's decided it should do and isn't. Otherwise, he wants us to go out to a movie (this weekend we went to the matinee showing of Batman (seriously, $5 for both of us to see it, how could we not?); I pretty much loved it. I'm kinda a superhero junkie. That and our first date was to see Batman Begins, so... anyway) or he'll come with me when I go grocery shopping, or some other such errand that takes both of us out of the house. Do you see where I'm going with this? Mostly, it means that when Josh is off, I'd better find things to do around the house that don't involve tv or a computer (most of the time this involves laundry and a book (by the way, for everybody who cares, I finished Harry Potter 5 yesterday. I'll start on 6 today... I know what's going to happen, but I still can't help getting totally into it and eager to start the next one)).
All of this to say, I'm sorry to have abandoned all of you for the weekend. It's Josh's fault.


Mamasphere said...

My husband owns our computer all weekend long. It drives me insane that I have to ask to check my email, and then put up with the attitude this generates. I better start seeing some of my own computer time or I'b buying a laptop (which I'm already pushing for).

Elizabeth said...

love this. my husband and i are also superhero junkies...our first move (the 2nd time we started dating) was spiderman 1...we still adore spiderman for that reason. :-)