Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Advanced Warning

As you may (or may not) have noticed, here lately, my blog has changed clothes on an increasingly frequent basis. Though I would love to say that I was simply searching for my perfect template, I believe that that would be false. You see, I am an extremely antsy person. I crave diversity and cannot stand monotony. I am the girl who changes her ringtone and phone theme at least every two weeks (which is fine seeing as how I make my own ringtones, so it's not like I'm spending money. I simply decide what I would like my new tone to be, find the cd with that song, and make the tone. BAM! new ringtone). When I was living at Southwestern, I was in a dorm, and so I would simply rearrange my furniture approximately every other month. Also, my walls were so covered in random objects (read: pizza box tops, napkins, quotes, candy wrappers, anything that I saw and was entertained by) that I could easily rearrange and replace those on a whim. Since being in our house, we don't have the freedom to often rearrange our furniture. Our living room is pretty small, as is our bedroom, so realistically, there are only about 1.5 variations available for our furniture. So I've been getting a little restless, in need of shaking things up.
Thus enters my blog. One of the wonderful things about blogging (to me) is that you can truly express yourself through not only your writing, but also through the overall look and feel of your blog. I have recently gotten fairly adept at playing with the html codes to create different effects (and I'm also an awesome googler, so I find how-tos for pretty much everything html related), so I've been playing more and more with various blog templates. Also, American in Norway tipped me off to the awesome site scrapblog.com. So, with that, plus my handy-dandy Photoshop, I've begun delving into more advanced templates and html (as opposed to finding free templates online and tweaking them for my own purposes).
Anyway, all of that to say, if you love and need a blog which is quickly identifiable by its template, if you don't like change, then you will probably not enjoy my blog :( I can't promise anything, but I would be very surprised if I did not go through multiple templates for the next month or so as I search for the one which I might want to keep for a while.
Thus endeth my spiel on blog templates.

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Morning By Morning said...

I love your layout! I am a new blogger & just today I told my sister that I wanted to change my blog 'clothes'(is that the right lingo?) . . . but I felt funny because I am new . . . I didn't want to change everything just when I am starting to meet bloggers!!!