Friday, July 11, 2008

Is it wrong that I completely %100 purchased this particular bottle of wine merely because of its name (and that I fully intend on trying the version with the green spot next time)? I don't think that it is. I mean, %95 of the time I'm pretty good at choosing good wine (and I'm adamantly against screw-top lids), but for this particular bottle, I was more than willing to make an exception. That is all.


Jen E said...

That's kind of how I pick most of my wine, is that bad? haha

Debbie said...

We are wine people. We have a wine fridge and have a hard time keeping it stocked because my husband and I have a glass every night. He is the connosseiur and knows alot about it..the grapes, the region, the process etc. I just like a glass in front of me ;). We were anti screw tops as well...however, alot of wineries are headed that way and some of our favorite wines are now screwtops. I am a Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio gal...Riesling is a bit too sweet for me...Although if left up to me, I would pick the bottle for the way it looked as well ;) My summer wine of choice these days is Woop Woop. Have you tried it? It is really really good. There is a wine shop near our house that my husband goes to so he discovered that while there. They have tastings all the time so he tries new stuff and brings it home...Ok this comment is going on way longer than it needs to ;)