Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Man-Eater Update

I'd like to take this time to post an update of the Man Eater. It has begun to bloom. If you notice, the top of the stalk is way up at the very top of the picture, and it has those little nodes growing off of it. Yay for giant Man-Eating cacti.
Meanwhile, sorry about the quality of the pic. It's SOOC, and as my computer at work doesn't have photoshop I haven't yet adjusted the levels on it.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Boys are Back in Town...

*Sigh...* Well, my hiatus is over, back to the reality of Louisiana summer. Already, I can tell it's going to drive me over the edge this year. Hopefully I can hold on. See, the thing is, I don't mind the heat , and the humidity can be kinda bothersome, but I can get past it. What gets to me is the bugs. They're everywhere. Now, I used to have a mild dislike of bugs, which grew a little to a great distaste for bugs, now... they completely freak me out. I think it's the OCD in me. I can't stand that they're everywhere, and I can't control where they're going, and no matter what I do, they're always there. The cover my porch at night when we have the light on. They infest the grass (later on I'll post pictures of the 4 inch long grasshoppers). And worst of all, they somehow make my house their home. Now, don't get the wrong idea, I'm not talking big bugs (well, not inside, outside, yes, but not inside). The bugs that come into my home are little teeny tiny gnat-like flies. They drive me crazy. I mean, I can handle one or two of something, but these things... it's like they can only appear in droves. I'll go to bed one night and leave a single dirty dish in the sink. The next morning there are hundreds of these things all over my kitchen (seriously). Josh and I have pretty much come to the conclusion that they lay all their eggs in the pipes to the sinks (they lay their eggs in water), and then anytime it warms up at all and there's any food for them, they all hatch. All of them, all 20,000 of them. And getting rid of them all is nearly impossible. I mean... I guess I could take the trash out everyday, but that seems kinda excessive (and obsessive). And, don't get me wrong, I'm not the worst house keeper ever. I mean, I don't have bugs because we're gross, it's just part of living in a 50-year-old hand-built house outside the city in Louisiana. SO, I guess I'll just have to accept it... But ugghhh... right now, all I can think is... dear goodness, thank you that I'm moving north. As much as I LOVE hot weather, I don't think I can handle many more summers filled with bugs. Somehow growing up in West Texas, I didn't develop the immunity to humid-loving creatures the way my husband did...

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Half Way There, Livin' on a Prayer

Ok, here we go, two down! Well, two that I have pictures to prove it. Look at that nice clean pile of dishes, and that totally comfortable, sit-in-able chair :D. Now, I swear my kitchen table and my island were clean when I woke up this morning, but somehow between 7 this morning and now, something terrible happened and they are once again covered. I think it may have something to do with a little project that I'm working on... More to come later :)

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Friday, May 23, 2008

I am Ashamed.

In an act of utter unabashed honesty, I'm posting four SOOC photos of the disaster hole that my house currently is. I do this not for any reason other than that the one thing that desperately needs to happen tonight/this weekend is a complete home makeover of the cleaning sorts. Therefore, if I post these pictures for all the world to see and do not follow up with an update in the way of a clean home soon, then I will never live it down. SO, here it is in all its glory, the pile of clean, folded, and not-yet-put-away laundry taking over my chair, the random things (yes those are my shoes) covering my kitchen table, the dishes which fill my sink on seemingly a never-ending basis, and my randomosity covered island. So, if all goes as planned, you will soon see my home as it was intended, clean and not disgusting to all who enter.

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Sad day...

Today I fully intended to post updated pictures of the man-eater (it's finally stopped soley growing the stalk and is now actually blooming), but I've run into some technical difficulties...
So... a while back our dog (at the time), Sophie, ate the USB connection cable for my camera. I was sad, but I accepted it, moved on, and stole the one that belonged to Josh's camera. Then, about a month ago, our puppies chewed through that one too. I was sad, but I accepted it, moved on, and just started using our memory card reader. Now, this is all fine and good, except that our memory card reader is one that I purchased while I was in Rome, and while it's great at getting pictures from the memory card, it's not best ever at deleting images off of the memory card once they're on my computer. This is kinda annoying, if only because it means that I have to manually delete all the pictures from my camera, one at a time. The other reason that this doesn't work super awesomely is because on occasion, I will grab my camera and start taking pictures (of the man-eater) before realizing that I never put the memory card back in after the last time that I uploaded photos. This wouldn't be a big deal except that for some reason, Josh's camera (which I have since claimed as my own since it fits in my purse way better than mine) seems to have some sort of inability to transfer pictures from the camera's memory onto a memory card. It's fine going the other way, but not so much onto the card. This poses a problem (as I'm sure you can see). So this morning, I decided to suck it up and just buy another cable on my way to work. It was 7 AM, so the only thing open was WalMart, which was fine, because I was so sure that they would have the cable that I need. Here's the kicker, though, apparently our cameras need a special kind of cable that most other cameras don't use. So the only options for me were 1) buy a $50 multi-connection cable or 2) buy a new camera. Now, I am currently saving up to purchase a digital SLR. I do not yet have that chunk of change available to me, so that is not a good option, and whether it's out of bitterness, regular ol' common sense, I knew intrinsically that I could not bring myself to pay $50 for something that I knew in my heart of hearts should really only cost me $15. SO, I said to myself, "ok, here's what we're going to do, we're going to go to work (so that we're not ridiculously late), and order the cable from Amazon for a normal price.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Realization

I was in Dallas this weekend with Jenn. It was perfect. She's leaving soon, and so I really needed to see her before she set off on the next phase of her adventure. I always love visiting her, and it's always a welcome change when I leave this place. I've been trying so hard to accept this city, and just be ok with being here for the next six months. Most of the time, I'm ok, but then I go somewhere else... We went to Whole Foods this weekend. I miss Whole Foods. We had Jamba Juice. We ate at Pei Wei. It was like everywhere I turned, we were going somewhere else that is non-existent here.
So now, I'm back, and needless to say, I'm having to work really hard to not be miserable. Josh brought me breakfast at work this morning. I just wanted a multi-grain bagel with cream cheese. Well, first, they don't have coffee shops around here that carry bagels, let alone bagel-centered cafes, so he had to go to the grocery store and just buy a bag of them, which was fine. Except that he got there, and the grocery store doesn't carry multi-grain bagels. It's not a big deal, but it's just one of many examples of the lack of options in this city as far as health-foods go. I guess I'm just so totally ready to be out in a different part of the country. I'm aching for a different culture (I know it sounds dumb, but the South really does have its own culture).
Oh well, I'm sure I can last until we move. I mean, I've lasted over a year already.
At least my job is pretty great.
Ok... Time to get over it, and remember happy things...
working out
mailing packages...
Ok, I'm better :)

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Fresh and Light and Green

It was laundry day today. I love laundry day. The smell of clean clothes, the feeling of everything being clean, neat, and in its place, knowing that I can open up my dresser tomorrow and select anything that I want to wear, because all of my clothes are clean... Somehow having all of the laundry done has the same effect on me as something like all of the floors being clean, and the dishes done. I just love how clean I feel (ok, that was redundant). All I know is, since college when I would set aside an entire Saturday morning every couple of weeks, go to the laundromat, do 10 loads of laundry all at once (I wish I was exaggerating), and then go back to my dorm and watch Dave the Barbarian while folding and putting away all of my clean laundry, I've LOVED laundry day.
So today was laundry day, and to make it extra special, it was a beautiful, warm, sunny day (yesterday was gross an wet), which means... CLOTHES LINE!!! As much as I love laundry day, I must admit, the fact that I finally have a real clothes line makes it so much better. I just feel fresh and light, and green when I use my clothes line.

So that's my story of today, my laundry, and my clothes line; with pictures.

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Friday, May 9, 2008

Only Slightly Awkward...

This is the stalk of the Man-Eater as it stood a week ago (it's probably grown another two feet or so), three weeks since we first noticed it. It's huge. You can't see it as much in this picture, but it's easily higher than the peak of our roof. So, until further notice, our house is the one with the giant phallus in the front yard. Oh well :/

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Thursday, May 8, 2008


These are our boys. Guinness is on the left, and Murphy is on the right. This isn't the greatest picture ever, but I just really loved the way the sunlight was coming through the window. It's also a pretty good indication of their personalities *grin*. Guinness is pretty mellow, and doesn't really care what anyone's up to unless he thinks that he can benefit from it. Murphy, on the other hand, is totally curious, and has to know what you're doing all the time. Every time I sit down, Murphy has to come crawl all over me to see what I'm doing. It'd be cute and funny if it weren't so annoying ;)
Anyway, these are the puppies :D

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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I'm trying to design a signature... I think I like it.


This is the giant man-eating American Agave that lives at our house. Josh's grandmother planted it 40 years ago. It is also called a "Century Plant". This is because it only blooms once "every 100 years" (by this I mean, it doesn't bloom very often, and when it does, it's a really big deal). When they bloom, they grow a stalk that can get up to 25' tall (yes, feet, not inches). Our plant, being somewhere between 30 and 40 years old has never bloomed before. Until now. About two weeks ago, Josh and I noticed a stalk sticking strait up from the center of the plant. It was at that time, barely level with the lowest point of the roof. It is now above the roof.
Pictures to come.
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My Job

My official title (the one that I give to all of my friends' parents and people that I randomly meet and want to impress) is Consultant for the Safety Management Department at Graphic Packaging International through Innovative Training Solutions.
What I actually do is not quite so big. I sit at my desk, blog-surf, sometimes fill out a form or two, go to meetings where they give me free food, my boss tells me that I'm awesome, play on the internet, and call it a day. I also schedule all of my own hours. I come in when I want, and leave when I'm ready. To top it off, my co-workers are all pretty great. All in all, it's a pretty awesome gig.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Go Forth and Kick

Before I left for the pool on Wednesday, I mentioned to my boss that I was going to start swimming for fitness. Turns out he was a competitive swimmer until he was like 25 (I swear, there's nothing that he hasn't done). So, I casually mentioned my lack of umm... skill. Wouldn't you know he started giving me a workout schedule. Now, I am supposed to use a kickboard for the next month or so to perfect my flutter kick before I even start trying to learn the arm strokes. Now, having been an athlete, I acknowledge the importance of the basics. After all, "fundamentals are the building blocks of fun". So I've accepted that I should follow his recommendations.
I leave for the pool (still Wednesday), get there at 3:30ish, ask for a kickboard, change into my swimsuit, and go to the pool. Well, the two lap lanes are taken (it's not a very big pool, so there are only two lap lanes), but there's only one lady in the free swim area, and she's staying in one place doing water aerobics. So I make my way towards the part of the free swim section that is closest to the lanes so that I can pretend like I'm a real swimmer in a lane. I get my kickboard out, and I start kicking. Long story short, I'm glad that I'm not an overly prideful person and I don't tend to care what other people think, because I'm pretty sure I looked like the biggest nerd ever hugging my kickboard, kicking from one end of the pool to another.
Today is a new day, though, another swim day. So I will go, and I will kick. Look out world, here comes my flutter kick!