Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Realization

I was in Dallas this weekend with Jenn. It was perfect. She's leaving soon, and so I really needed to see her before she set off on the next phase of her adventure. I always love visiting her, and it's always a welcome change when I leave this place. I've been trying so hard to accept this city, and just be ok with being here for the next six months. Most of the time, I'm ok, but then I go somewhere else... We went to Whole Foods this weekend. I miss Whole Foods. We had Jamba Juice. We ate at Pei Wei. It was like everywhere I turned, we were going somewhere else that is non-existent here.
So now, I'm back, and needless to say, I'm having to work really hard to not be miserable. Josh brought me breakfast at work this morning. I just wanted a multi-grain bagel with cream cheese. Well, first, they don't have coffee shops around here that carry bagels, let alone bagel-centered cafes, so he had to go to the grocery store and just buy a bag of them, which was fine. Except that he got there, and the grocery store doesn't carry multi-grain bagels. It's not a big deal, but it's just one of many examples of the lack of options in this city as far as health-foods go. I guess I'm just so totally ready to be out in a different part of the country. I'm aching for a different culture (I know it sounds dumb, but the South really does have its own culture).
Oh well, I'm sure I can last until we move. I mean, I've lasted over a year already.
At least my job is pretty great.
Ok... Time to get over it, and remember happy things...
working out
mailing packages...
Ok, I'm better :)

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