Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Well, it's been 2 weeks, and I finally feel like I'm settling in to life here...

I've officially been on German time for at least a week now, and I'm definitely (mostly) comfortable driving everywhere (be it the autobahn or the tiny itty-bitty streets in town). I'm getting into a routine. I'm drinking tea and cider while wearing wool socks and three shirts to keep warm in my fairly chilly home. Photos are being hung on the walls and the organizing has begun in full force.

Job hunting is not so much going super fantastically, but I did have one interview last week (woot!). While I'm waiting to hear on that, I've been working on my next project... quilting.

I've completed one quilt since being here, and I'm currently working on my second. I'm sure you'll be hearing more about this in the near future...

Now, since no post is complete without a picture, Gneville presents Our Balcony View:

Monday, October 10, 2011

Well, it's official... I now live in Germany.

The past few months were some of the best I've ever had. Living with this girl...

was completely fantastic. Staying in the states for an extra few months gave me time to not only work/save some extra money, but also a chance to really go out big. I really took the time to make memories that I will cherish. From the beach weekend in Virginia Beach to the Hurriquake party, I feel so blessed to be surrounded by such amazing people.

Of course, my time there culminated with the party of the century at Jen & Dan's wedding.

Seriously, all the time and energy that went in to that shindig was TOTALLY worth it (in my opinion!). I'm so happy for my wonderful friends and pray that their love continues to strengthen them.

When the candles were all blown out and the gifts were all packed in the cars, then it came time to think about moving. The wedding was Saturday and I flew out Wednesday. Monday and Tuesday nights were (of course!) going away gatherings. After all was said and done, though, Steph drove me to the airport where my new adventure began. To help me tell this part of the tale, I'd like to introduce Gneville, my Gnome away from Home...


I got the airport ready for a long flight (mini-reese's? check!)

photo (2)

After checking both of my barely-under weight suitcases (thanks Lufthansa lady for giving me that second one for free!!!), and making it through security, I made it to my gate.
Once there, I was promptly informed that my flight would be delayed due to a bird flying into one of the engines of my plane on its last descent. So I did the only thing conceivable, I got a good-bye dinner at Chipotle.

Then I waited.


Once on board, the flight was pretty smooth. I had a window, so I actually slept for a good portion of the flight.
Our friend Lesli picked me up in Frankfurt, and drove me home. Once I got to the house, I emailed everyone to let them know I'd made it ok, and then I crashed for close to 5 hours.



After five days here and MANY cups of tea and coffee (it's COLD in my house!!!), I'm still having trouble getting used to the time change. I'm sure I'll get there soon, though :)


Though all of this is good, the one thing that's keeping me down is having Josh so far away. We had a plan. He was supposed to be here when I got here, and he's not, and that's tough. I suppose it'll just make our reunion that much better.