Saturday, May 4, 2013

9 Month Update

9 Month

Whew... I'm sure I'll eventually get tired of saying this, but this month has been a whirlwind! This past week was full of car buying and selling, and we're gearing up for Josh to go to some training as well as a nice jaunt to the UK. Add in regular work and whatever else the Griff Monster can throw our way, it's been full of fun :)

Easily Distracted

I couldn't quite convince G to pay attention to the camera. Josh was sitting off to the side, and since he's the most wonderfully interesting person EVER, G was either trying to get his attention or talking to his UglyDoll.

I did manage to nab one picture of him facing me and smiling, and boy oh boy does this little person look like his daddy!

Mini Josh

He's quite the little explorer, having finally figured out how to crawl on hands and knees instead of the slightly more difficult army crawl that he was doing for so long. His fascination with drawers doesn't seem to be going away any time soon. I'm not sure there's anything else that he'll sit and play with for 20 minutes straight, but put him in front of a drawer, and it'll be opened and closed until he realizes there are other drawers in the room to open ;)


At his 9 month well baby visit, his doctor confirmed that he has pretty intense allergies, which explains why he sounds like a little bulldog all the time. Unfortunately for him, we live in the middle of flowering trees and hay fields, so he'll probably just need to get over his aversion to handkerchiefs. I'm sure Mr. Chatty McChatterson will gladly tell you all about it ;)

Blue Eyed Boy