Sunday, February 8, 2009


So... things have been kinda crazy around here (so crazy that even though I got six new books in the mail last weekend, I haven't even made it through one of them). See, what happened was...
- we can now officially begin moving into the townhouse (and will do so slowly for the next month or two since our lease on base isn't up until April
- puppies have been sick... really sick
- sorting out all of our tax information so that it won't be a huge jumbled mess next year (we're Louisiana residents, we live in Maryland, I work in Virginia... who gets my taxes?!)... thank goodness Josh was able to get a hold of a JAG on base and get that answer... (the answer is Maryland)
- I'm teaching about Lent today (had to re-learn how to study)
- conference for work is this week, work has been crazy hectic trying to get ready
- leaving for conference tomorrow morning, bright and early, still haven't packed
Wow, now that I put it into writing, it doesn't seem like that much is happening, but I just feel so overwhelmed... Josh and I seem to have finally gotten back into a rhythm with him on night schedule. He's taking on a lot more of the cooking for his dinners which helps a ton, and I'm doing my best to take care of the things that need to happen during the day (aka... figuring out what to do when my Louisiana inspection sticker on my car expires this month). Anyway... while I don't feel like I'm accomplished much this past week, I don't feel like I've really slowed down much either. Hopefully once I get back from this trip I'll get a chance to recover. At least I'll get President's day off :)
Ok, well, I have to go sort, switch and fold laundry before waking up Josh. For now I'll leave you with a little something that you may or may not care about, but that always makes me smile...

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