Friday, May 23, 2008

I am Ashamed.

In an act of utter unabashed honesty, I'm posting four SOOC photos of the disaster hole that my house currently is. I do this not for any reason other than that the one thing that desperately needs to happen tonight/this weekend is a complete home makeover of the cleaning sorts. Therefore, if I post these pictures for all the world to see and do not follow up with an update in the way of a clean home soon, then I will never live it down. SO, here it is in all its glory, the pile of clean, folded, and not-yet-put-away laundry taking over my chair, the random things (yes those are my shoes) covering my kitchen table, the dishes which fill my sink on seemingly a never-ending basis, and my randomosity covered island. So, if all goes as planned, you will soon see my home as it was intended, clean and not disgusting to all who enter.

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