Friday, May 2, 2008

Go Forth and Kick

Before I left for the pool on Wednesday, I mentioned to my boss that I was going to start swimming for fitness. Turns out he was a competitive swimmer until he was like 25 (I swear, there's nothing that he hasn't done). So, I casually mentioned my lack of umm... skill. Wouldn't you know he started giving me a workout schedule. Now, I am supposed to use a kickboard for the next month or so to perfect my flutter kick before I even start trying to learn the arm strokes. Now, having been an athlete, I acknowledge the importance of the basics. After all, "fundamentals are the building blocks of fun". So I've accepted that I should follow his recommendations.
I leave for the pool (still Wednesday), get there at 3:30ish, ask for a kickboard, change into my swimsuit, and go to the pool. Well, the two lap lanes are taken (it's not a very big pool, so there are only two lap lanes), but there's only one lady in the free swim area, and she's staying in one place doing water aerobics. So I make my way towards the part of the free swim section that is closest to the lanes so that I can pretend like I'm a real swimmer in a lane. I get my kickboard out, and I start kicking. Long story short, I'm glad that I'm not an overly prideful person and I don't tend to care what other people think, because I'm pretty sure I looked like the biggest nerd ever hugging my kickboard, kicking from one end of the pool to another.
Today is a new day, though, another swim day. So I will go, and I will kick. Look out world, here comes my flutter kick!

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