Friday, March 1, 2013

7 Month Update

7 Mth

If February wasn't so short, I DEFINITELY would have gotten this in before the month was over. 7 months seems to be a magic number for this little boy. He officially has 2 teeth (a significant upgrade over 1), he's very good at rolling to get where he wants to go, his new name is Grabby McGraberson, he sits for good chunks of time on his own, and he's popping up onto his hands and knees as much as possible. This last development has only started within the last few days, and it's completely adorable to watch as he wills himself to move forward. The coordination isn't there yet, but he KNOWS he's so close.

I can tell I'm in trouble as this little person gets more mobile. He's adorable, but he's more than happy to distract you with his babble and dimple as his little hands reach out to snag whatever you've left within arms reach (glasses, bowl of food, pens, diaper...). Goodness, he's lucky I like him so much ;) 

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On second thought, I'm pretty sure I'm the lucky one in this relationship.

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Margo Barham said...

He is so darling! I hope to meet him soon! <3