Monday, February 11, 2013

6 Month Update

6 Mth

See that smile up there? That's for J, who was standing behind me for this little photo op ;)

So this update is a bit late. We were actual on holiday for G's 6 month birthday. I'm pretty sure he had fun anyway:


Since we were gone, we didn't have G's 6 month check up until last Monday. He seems to have slowed down growing a bit (according to the charts), but J and I still think he's HUGE!. As far as what he's up to... G has become quite proficient at rolling over, and he's realized that rolling can actually be used to get from place to place (eep!). He's also EXTREMELY vocal and is so excited to babble back to anyone willing to talk to him. We haven't seen any hint of him not liking strangers. In fact, he's quite a huge flirt! Everywhere we go, he smiles and watches everyone, hoping to find someone who will smile back. Though he's still overall very mellow, he's been a tad sick the last week and a half, and he's teething, so we've seen a fussier/clingier side of him than ever before. The fun side of that, though, is that he has one little tooth:


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