Monday, March 4, 2013

Roly Poly Ollie

It's pretty common for me to look around for Griffin and find this at my feet:

02 25 13_0016

I'll put him down in the middle of a room, then walk to whatever I need to work on (cooking, sewing, etc...). By the time I get settled, I have a little bug at my feet. More often than not, that little bug is also babbling and grabbing my feet (bonus points for buttons or laces on my shoes).

G's mobility seems to have exploded overnight, along with intense curiosity and a growing mastery of fine motor skills. Sometime between him destroying a grocery store display from his perch in the cart and a broken mason jar in our kitchen (no babies were injured in that incident, but it sure did startle him and get my adrenaline going), I realized that we have left behind the days of him happily playing on his playmat while I cook dinner. His jumperoo(s) has increased in value exponentially, and I will most certainly be honing my spidey-sense and reaction times :)

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