Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Ok, so... I like to feel that I'm original. I like to feel that I'm creative. Sometimes, though, I like to feel included; I like to feel like one of the cool kids. So today, I'm joining Stretch Marks (who joined Spence) in creating a collection of 25 things that inspire me. SO, here goes, in no particular order...

  1. Freshly cut grass
  2. Really good sushi
  3. An amazing book
  4. Thunderstorms
  5. Niece #3... I'll tell that story someday
  6. Celtic music
  7. Real, intense, unashamed discussions (about anything, but God and faith are probably my favorite topics)
  8. Photography
  9. Sandwiches with avocado and alfalfa sprouts
  10. My sister
  11. The smell of books (on that topic, did you know that there's a particular type of mold that grows in old books (something about the paper) that is a hallucinogen, and there are a ton of theories about famous authors who were "inspired" by some of the classics and ended up writing some of their works while they were high on this mold? (sorry for the worst run-on ever))
  12. A really good cappuccino
  13. Brick or cobblestone streets
  14. Anything sculpted by Bernini
  15. Driving with the sunroof open
  16. Cotton dresses
  17. A freshly made bed
  18. Opening all the windows in the house and turning the a/c off
  19. The feel of really heavy satin
  20. Vintage luggage
  21. A smooth ball point pin (with green ink)
  22. Wax seals
  23. Making up recipes as I go
  24. Copper-bottom pots and cast-iron skillets (they go together in my head)
  25. Clean laundry


Megan said...

oooh, i love avocado on a sandwich! and, i've always LOVED green ink! i never have it anymore, but used it all the time for notes in college!


Morning By Morning said...

I LOVE all the windows opened and a freshly made bed with nice clean sheets!!!

Monica said...

I love to ride with the sun roof open! Sometimes I forget to shut it when I get home and my cat sleeps inside my car! Crazee cat!

Lula! said...

Love your list!

And I will be your Twilight sounding board--SOUND AWAY!!! Keep me posted!

Anonymous said...

Hey Lauren, thanks for stopping by today!

Love your list...very interesting about the mold in the books. Maybe I should sniff some so I can write a great selling novel...

Yes, there is an epidemic around the blogosphere with Twilight...I think its called coming down with the "SITSdemic"....they started it...they totally did!

Anonymous said...

OH...I just saw your countdown clock to Harry Potter...

Lets see....we both are reading the same books...watching the same movie....and the same shows (Heros)...do you live in MO....because we could totally hang out!!!

Katie said...

Good list, good list! Love how just al ist can tell you a lot about a person.

Debbie said...

Great list...

You changed your layout again! I really like it...aren't you glad I am your layout police watchdog. Because I think I say something everytime you change it. And how are you changing it? Do you know HTML?

anne said...

Fun! I love avocado too...and I'm a sucker for cobblestone and brick streets...not sure why but they rock!
ps- your layout is way cute.
Oh, and what helped me get up early was accountability. The first few days were rough. But, my cousin who got up a little earlier than texted me to let me know she was late the first morning I was to get up early and that was SO God because I was totally thinking about skipping the whole idea. :) Because she texted me I did it.

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

I am an avocado lover also! Yum!!

And the cobblestone streets... LOVE. I love the sense of history.

What an awesome list, Lauren!


Anonymous said...

that sushi looks A-MA-ZING.

Great list!!

Ronnica said...

I did this too. Love the blog...I'm subscribing!