Monday, November 5, 2012

Quilt Time

Well, it took me a little while (read: about 8 months) to finally finish G's "baby" quilt, but I took care of all the final details a month or so ago. Though I'm *sure* nothing would ever happen to it being loved by a baby boy, I thought I'd go ahead an document the final project here.

It all started when I found the perfect striped minky for the back. From there, I pulled together some various fabrics used for other projects throughout his nursery. Once I had all my fabric pieces, I played around a bit before finally deciding on the final monster-themed design.

I sketched the monsters out then took them apart (in my head) to figure out what pieces I would need. After sewing together the fat stripes for the top, I appliqued the monsters on (the blue one is my favorite). Once it was quilted, I assumed the hard part was done. Unfortunately, I botched the binding (twice) before deciding to just go with it and add little monster buttons and tabs to each corner (good thing I happened to find the cutest monster buttons ever while I was in Virginia!).

I'm so very pleased with how it turned out. Since it's large(ish) at about 5' by 5', I'm hoping that G can love it and use it for quite a while :)

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