Thursday, November 1, 2012

3 Month Update

This is the first in what will (hopefully) become a series of update posts on the life and times of the Griff Monster. Thus begins my stint as a "mom blogger"...

Griffin turned 3 months old last Wednesday. Overall, he's been one of the sweetest, happiest, easiest babies I've encountered. Everybody loves him, and I'm pretty sure he knows it. He doesn't get upset easily, and he (usually) calms down quickly once his problem is solved. It would appear that he inherited his dad's temperament :)

He's been hitting some pretty obvious milestones recently, including:

  • reaching for and grabbing various objects and toys
  • mimicking voices and mouth movements
  • laughing and interacting more
  • getting stronger and working on sitting up
  • (very occasionally) sleeping through the night



Margo Barham said...

I love this! Great idea. I love his little feet and he looks so happy. Totally heart melting little monster! Hope you're doing well and getting enough sleep.

Dale Adventures said...

Such a great visual way to update people. Love it! And love him!!!