Thursday, August 15, 2013

1 Year!

I really love how I completely drop the ball on G's FIRST BIRTHDAY. I can hit each minor monthly celebration, but I hit an actual birthday and... nothing. Awesome.

Anyway... we did, in fact, celebrate the loin fruit's day of birth. It wasn't anything crazy (and let me tell you, six months ago, I was gearing up for crazy), but we had some friends over for a bbq. There were Ugly Doll decorations and cupcakes. Here's proof:

There was also a ball pit (courtesy of my sister). Here's proof:

Unfortunately, by the time we got around to actually eating the cupcakes, it was bedtime, and G wasn't really picking up on the cupcake vibe.

Not to worry, though, being the Type-A personality that I am, I made G his own special little cake so that we could have a little cake smash when he was more awake. It took him a bit to warm up to the situation, but I'm pretty sure he enjoyed it all... including getting sprayed off in the bathtub afterwards ;)


For Me Om Nom Nom II Mmmm

By the end, he was explaining all of life's mysteries to us

Talky Talky

Having a 1-year-old has been a delight. We're still working on that whole "night time is for sleeping" thing, and he's been hit be another bout of allergy insanity. Otherwise, though, this kid is absolutely hilarious, and he makes everything just a bit more fun. 
I still have every intention of writing a real update post on him soon, but right at this moment, I need to go make sure the tiny isn't destroying anything that can't be replaced.

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