Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Time to Reflect

The seasons are changing, I'm experiencing my first real fall, and life is moving on quite well. It's funny to me to think that Josh and I have lived here almost a year. In many ways, it seems that we have been here much much longer. We have found and plugged into a wonderful spiritual community here, and we've been awesomely blessed by the friends that we've come to know and love. After a very rough job hunt, my job is going great, and I'm still very much enjoying where I am for the moment. The flexibility and understanding of my boss has enabled me to do many things that I would never have been able to do in a different location. This summer I was able to take off for a family vacation (on fairly short notice) that was, I believe absolutely what I needed. Though we've in many ways settled into a routine, we're absolutely not at a stand-still, as we're planning on moving once more in March. Our last move was made before I had settled into my job and before our community became such a huge part of our lives. As it is, we feel very disconnected from them, as we're in Maryland, and they are all in Virginia. So, after much discussion, we'll (hopefully) be crossing the Potomac next spring and settling into the place that will be our final stop while Josh is stationed here.

I keep thinking that I'll get back in the blogging swing of things, so we'll see if that actually happens J Until then... I'll be enjoying the weather!

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Julie said...

okay I love that picture!
So I am confused (sorry) was the community you found in VA and you are now in MD... and thinking of moving again... back to VA? Just trying to follow you. I will be back in America this Nov-Jan for a total of 2 months. I will spend 1-2 weeks in NOVA visiting friends... if you are nearby it would be fun to connect for lunch one day. I will have my boys with me. Let me know...

Also, I got totally addicted to these books you recommended...ugh. They are so easy to read and I think I only have 2 left after this one... I am missing the next one I need and I have the last one. Crazy. Did you stop at number 5?