Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Oh Me, Oh My...

I wish that I had some lovely anecdotes, amusing banter, or enlightening musings to share with you today, but alas, I'm fresh out. 
I'm officially in full-swing job hunt mode which tends to leave me feeling a little worn and stretched out like an old sweater. There are times when I wish that I could just go work at Target again, and not have to worry with resumes, follow-ups, interviews, and the possibility of getting rejected. I'm sure that it will most certainly all be completely worth it though, once I'm snuggled comfortably into my next job. It's merely the search that's talking. I know with %100 of my being that I never want to willingly be forced to ask innocent people to sign up for another credit card. I never again want to make sure that all of the lonely, discarded items be put back in their proper place and made to look pretty again. I know this to be true. It certainly would be easy, though... *sigh*
Anyway... on to much less weary topics like... decorating. We officially have curtains in the dining room/area-off-the-kitchen-that-I-like-to-call-the-dining-room-cause-it-makes-me-feel-fancy. It's the first step. Today I purchased the curtains to go in the living room (we'll see if they make the cut once hubby gets home), and we were informed that our table is here (yay for having a table!). Things are getting settled more and more, slowly but surely. My lava lamp has a designated place, and my Mr. Potato Head collection has a new home (these are seriously important details, people). Tonight (once I pick up the remains of the terrors' most recent victims (a fleece ball and a rubber tire)) I will begin the most enjoyable process of hanging pictures and selecting new photos to get printed for display :) It's the little things, people.
Well, boring, though it may be, that is my life at the moment. I do hope that you all have a lovely day :)


Bird, Frizzy and Our Little Yaya said...

I am not at all bored in reading what is happening in your life. Starting new is exciting and new! I can't wait to hear how things unfold for you.

Julie said...

oh Lauren I am praying for your job search and that it would be over soon!

Yeah for the table...please post a pic when you can!!!

hang in there...and have fun decorating!!!

did the job on the base not pan out?

Carol said...

But if you did go back to Target. Think of the staff discount.

Just jesting. You'll find the perfect job for you and it'll be worth all the effort.

Farm Fresh Jessica said...

Hope you'll be posting pictures of the new room!

And you find a job that suits you.

Michelle said...

Ohhh I hate job searches. I hope yours goes quickly and easily! At least it sounds like your decorating is going more easily than mine (two and a half years into the house)!

And thanks for stopping by my BATW tour. It's been a busy week, so my apologies for taking so long to get back. It was almost overwhelming! Come back and visit again soon!