Friday, February 22, 2008


Sometimes I don't focus well on the task at hand.
Sometimes I get distracted.
Sometimes I don't listen if the conversation doesn't interest me.
Sometimes I leave myself out of the loop.
Sometimes I eat snacks out of boredom.
Sometimes I look for any and every excuse for a change.
Sometimes I dream of living a nomadic exsistence.
Sometimes I dance around my house while I'm cleaning and pretend like I have some stellar moves.
Sometimes I wonder if I should have made a different decision.
Sometimes I settle.
Sometimes I cheat myself out of greatness.
Sometimes I'm so sad that it takes everything in me to not implode from the weight of it.
Sometimes it hurts for me to sit still, so I get up and run in a circle.
Sometimes all I want is to be able to tumble like I used to.
Sometimes I'm so excited about life and the future that I can't focus on the present.
Sometimes I sing along to the music in my car and imagine my amazing voice being discovered by the invisible talent scout sitting in my car covering his ears.
Sometimes I just need to write, even if it's all jibberish and nothings.

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